How do I turn off the Wickle Dress Up feature?

Dressing up your Wickle is a really fun feature of the program, and we encourage children to express their personality and creativity in the design of their Wickle! That being said, sometimes children can spend all of their time dressing their Wickle, and forget to explore the other areas of the program. If this is the case, you can turn off and on the Wickle dress up feature at your discretion. 

First, tap the HOMER icon on your device to open the app. On the top left corner, you will see a blue button you can tap that opens a drop down menu. On this menu, click the gear icon. 

You will then enter the parent gate, and asked to enter a birth year. This is to ensure a child is not able to access the account and edit any important information!

You will now be brought to the settings menu where you can tap "Manage Content Access" as the last option under "For Parents". 

Now you can turn off and on the Wickle Dress up! If the slider bar shows up green, it means access is allows to the Wickle Dress Up. If the slider bar is white, access is turned off!

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