How do I change my subscription type?

If you have a subscription with HOMER through the Apple store, there are a couple different ways to switch plans!

One way is to log into the HOMER app on your device. Then, tap the blue settings button in the top right corner. Tap the gear symbol on the drop down menu. From here, scroll down to "manage iTunes subscription". You will then be taken to your HOMER iTunes account, and you may tap the new subscription you wish to switch to.

The next way is to go to the settings icon of your device directly. Tap your apple id, then tap "iTunes and app store". You will then tap your Apple ID in blue at the top, then "view my Apple ID". You may be prompted to enter in your password. Next, tap subscriptions, and then tap the HOMER subscription you wish to switch to. 

In either case, your new subscription will begin at the end of your current billing period!


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