What are the categories beneath My Pathway?

HOMER Reading’s carousel allows children to choose from seven different categories outside of their personalized pathway, engaging and motivating them to keep reading.

Art: This fun and easy to use section allows children to express their creativity and imagination through drawing, painting, stamps, and stickers. 

Discover the World: Here you’ll find fiction and nonfiction stories mixed with games, categorized by subjects children love such as science, art, history, and literature.

Learn to Read: Using the HOMER method, your child will go through a sequential set of levels that focus on teaching children phonemic skills through games, videos, and stories. Learn To Read consists of 22 levels, with six lessons in each level. 

First Readers: First readers are interactive stories and are a subset of Learn To Read. These stories are simple fluency passages that allow your child to record and playback their voice as they read! (If you’re child isn’t yet reading, you can hide this and any other sections in the parent settings.)

Songs and Rhymes: Sing-along and have your child get used to the flow of rhymes and rhythm with this collection of songs and nursery rhymes.

Brain Games: A unique collection of skill-based games and puzzles designed to entertain your child while still encouraging them to learn.

Story Time: A collection of fiction, animated e-books with rich vocabulary and entertaining characters to inspire and delight your child. Pick from a variety of stories and genres including Aesop’s Fables, Folktales, Superkids, Homer originals, and Poetry.

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