Will my child's pathway progress sync across platforms?

You may notice that your child's personalized learning pathway on the HOMER Reading iOS app looks different than their path on our website and HOMER Reading Android apps.

Pathways is a relatively new feature for us, and we are currently modifying and perfecting it on our HOMER Reading iOS app first. We believe that the learning pathway is extremely powerful, but it also takes a lot of effort, time, and creative expertise to complete. Therefore, we decided on a release strategy that would allow us to provide lessons to users as soon as possible on one platform, while we continue to build pathways for the others.

This means that currently, your child's Pathway on the HOMER Reading iOS app will not yet link up to our website or HOMER Reading Android apps. You can essentially think of them as separate platforms. This is a temporary disconnect, and we do plan to link up pathways across all devices as soon as we can. 

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