How do I know where to start my child in the Homer iOS app?

If you are using the Homer iOS app, you will begin by customizing your child's personalized learning pathway. If you want to set up your pathway later, there are several other fun and education categories to explore at the bottom of your screen. Whenever you are ready to set up your pathway, simply press the large orange button to get started.


You will first fill out your child's name and birthdate, and can then assist your child with picking all of their unique interests. We suggest choosing at least 4 interests, so your child has lots of content to work with, but also encourage them to choose as many as they'd like!

Next, you will answer some questions to help determine you child's reading stage. Just answer these questions to the best of your ability! There really is no right or wrong answer. On the Congratulations page, you will see the reading stage we recommend for your child.


 You may also tap" See More Stages" to view all 5 reading stages and select what you feel is most appropriate for your child. 


You're child's customized pathway is now ready to be explored!

If you are using Homer through our website, or an older version of the app, you will get started a little differently. Personalized learning pathways are new to Homer, so they haven't made their way to the website just yet, and do not exist on older versions of our iOS app.

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