How to get my child started with HOMER Reading?

HOMER Reading allows you to create a customized pathway for your child based on their interests and reading ability! Before your child can use HOMER Reading, you'll answer a few simple questions so that we can customize your child's experience. Here's how to get started:

1. You will first fill out your child's name and birthdate, and can then assist your child with picking all of their unique interests. We suggest choosing at least four different interests, so your child has a lot of content to work with. We also encourage them to choose as many as they'd like!

2. Next, you'll be asked a series of questions about your child's existing abilities. The questions will vary based on your child's age.

3. Once all of the information has been received, HOMER will provide a recommended pathway for your child based on their age, interests, and existing reading ability. HOMER Reading currently offers 5 Reading Stages that grow with children as their reading skills progress.

4. You will be able to review the recommended stage before your child begins using HOMER Reading. You may also change this stage if you feel that it would be best for your child. 
     a. To review your child's stage
         i. Press "see more reading stages," then scroll left/right to view other available options.
        ii. Press "start here instead" on another stage to change your child to that specific stage.

5. To get started, press "Start Free Trial Now." You may then select to start your trial, or you can select "Not sure, see more" for more options.


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