How do I know where to start my child on the Homer website?

If you are using the Homer iOS app, click here, as you will begin a little differently.

If you're using Homer through our website directly, we recommend that parents or teachers place individual children in our 22-level Learn-to-Read program based on their reading ability.

Start by locating our Learn to Read section on the carousel at the bottom of your screen.


If you have a very new reader, we suggest starting at level one. If you find level one too easy, scroll up to Level 8 in the Learn-to-Read pathway and have your child read the First Reader available in this level, "Kit".



If this story is easy for your child to read, continue to level 9 and read the First Reader story, "Tom Hid". 


Continue trying to read each level's First Reader story. (All levels above level 8 will have a first reader story.) Whenever reading becomes effortful, stop. Go back two full levels from wherever you are and start your child's reading pathway from there! 

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