System Requirements for Homer

The Homer Learn-to-Read Program works with all Apple iPads and iPhones using iOS9 and higher.

If you are using a computer, we recommend your computer meets the following system requirements:

1) A 2GHz processor
2) 4GB Ram (memory)

Most recent computers meet these requirements.  To check your computer's system requirements, follow these instructions


1) Open the System window. This can be accessed by:

  1. Pressing the Windows key + the Pause/Break key (upper right of the keyboard).
  2. By right-clicking on Computer/My Computer and selecting Properties. In Windows XP, this is called System Properties.

2) Find your system specifications. They are located in the “System” section of the Properties window, or the “Computer” section in Windows XP. You will see the following information:


1) Click the Apple menu. Select “About This Mac”.
2) Click “More Info”. This will open a new window that lists your Mac system specs. You will be able to see the following system information:


1) Open your distribution’s graphical system monitor. Most modern Linux distributions have a graphical interface that can display your system specifications much like Windows. For example, the program is called System Monitor in Ubuntu. Programs such as these will display:

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