Why does the content seem repetitive?

Although every child learns differently, there are commonalities. Children and adults alike need review and repetition when learning new skills. We have to practice to gain mastery, whether we’re learning to ice skate, learning a new language, or learning to read.

At HOMER, we do therefore weave review and repetition throughout our program. Review and repetition seem similar, and the content sometimes is similar, but they are in fact different teaching tools. Review is a reminder of how you do something you’ve learned before but might not have practiced recently or fully mastered. Repetition is used for initial skill-building.

We know that children need repeated exposure to skills before they become automatic. We create lessons that are short but that target a particular skill, and then we give repeated practice with that skill to move a child toward mastery. We know that sometimes this seems repetitive, but it is repetition with a clear purpose: making sure that HOMER kids master the foundational skills to become strong, independent readers! 


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