What is the research behind HOMER?

Stephanie Dua, HOMER's founder, was an advisor for the team that developed the Common Core Standards. As such, she immersed herself in research on how children learn to read. Peggy Kaye, the designer of our phonics system, is a known literary expert and the author of a very successful series of books on how to use games to help children learn.

In developing The HOMER Methodâ„¢, Stephanie, Peggy, and HOMER's team of experts employed Peggy's practical experience teaching hundreds of children over the course of 40 years and Stephanie's aggregated wealth of research on learning to read.

Inspired to set a new standard, HOMER was tested by a leading researcher, the former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education. The results were stunning: kids working alone with HOMER for just 15 minutes a day over 6 weeks nearly doubled their reading proficiency.

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