Can I download content for offline use?

For iOS app users only, such as iPads and iPhones.

Currently, content is only available for offline use in the Songs & Rhymes, Learn to Read, Discover the World, StoryTime, and First Readers sections of the HOMER Reading iOS app.

To download content, first make sure you are connected to the internet. The HOMER Reading app cannot be opened without a WiFi connection and the lessons cannot be downloaded without a WiFi connection. 

To download an individual lesson within one of the mentioned sections, simply tap on the lesson and it will begin to download automatically.

Once a lesson is downloaded, you will be able to access it without an internet connection. This way you can take HOMER Reading content with you wherever you go!

Please note: If you Force Quit the app, thus closing it down so it is no longer open in the background of your device, you will need WiFi to re-open the HOMER Reading app again. The downloaded content is only available while the app remains open (though you can still open and use other apps on your Apple device without closing or quitting the HOMER Reading app, keeping your downloaded content readily available).

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