What is the Homer Method for learning how to read?

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

As visually shown above, the Homer Method guides children through the four proven steps to reading success. We begin by introducing each letter and the sound it represents, one at a time. As soon as possible, we have children blend those sounds into words, and then segment whole words into composite sounds. This linking of decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling) helps children understand the reversible nature of our alphabetic system.

As we introduce each letter, the range of words a child can read and spell increases. However, the Homer Learn-to-Read Program teaches more than just phonics. We know that for children to be enthusiastic readers, they need exposure to great literature and to dynamic nonfiction stories. Our rich library integrates with the lessons, so that as children learn to read, they also read to learn.

We infuse the lessons and stories with vocabulary in context, introduce classic literary figures of speech, and encourage critical thinking with response-questions and opportunities for kids to express what they've learned.

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