Which level in the "Learn to Read" category should we start with?

While your child's pathway will offer a more personalized learning experience, we also offer our 22-level Learn-to-Read category. These levels and lessons will be the same for every child, and are a great way to supplement learning if you have reached the end of your pathway, or just want more content to explore.

We recommend that parents or teachers place individual children in our 22-level Learn-to-Read program based on their reading ability.

Start by locating our Learn to Read section on the carousel at the bottom of your screen.


If you have a very new reader, we suggest starting at level one. If you find level one too easy, scroll up to Level 4 in the Learn-to-Read pathway and have your child read the First Reader available in this level, "Nip and the bin".



If this story is easy for your child to read, jump to level 6 and read the First Reader story, "Rob and Nip".


Continue trying to read each level's First Reader story. (All levels above level 4 will have a first reader story.) Whenever reading becomes effortful, stop. Go back two full levels from wherever you are, and start your child's reading pathway from there! 

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