Where do I start in Learn & Grow? Where do I start in Learn & Grow?

Where do I start in Learn & Grow?

Terrell Terrell

You can begin by customizing your child's personalized learning pathway!

How It Works:

1. After you enter your child's name and birth date during the sign-up process, you can help them select their interests from the list.
Tip: There's no limit on how many interests you can select! We suggest picking at least four, so your child has more to explore!

2. Next, you'll take a learning quiz to determine your child's current math and reading levels; these questions will vary based on your child's age.

3. Once you submit your answers, HOMER will provide a recommended learning stage for your child based on their age, interests, and learning level. HOMER currently offers five learning stages that grow with kids as their skills progress.

4. Press "Start Free Trial" to begin your child's learning journey!